Your “Virtual” Compliance Engineer

2017 compliment from an Underwriters Laboratories Safety Project Engineer: “In my 25+ years working at UL I’ve only met three true Agents, and you’re one of them”.

Do Electronic Products Require Safety Approval In The USA?

Who is CES?

Compliance Engineering Services offers testing, engineering solutions, and support services in international electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), safety, and general product compliance.

CES is the consulting practice of Carl Newton, a seasoned veteran Compliance Engineer based in the Ann Arbor, MI area.  He has access to EMC and Safety testing facilities at exceptionally low cost. Carl has extensive experience with FCC, UL, CSA, TUV, Intertek, and European Union CE Marking, as well as compliance with many other national compliance schemes around the world.   CES can help you to gain and maintain access to both domestic and international markets.

What does CES Do?

Large corporations can justify the cost of professional compliance engineering staff due to the high level of product development taking place. Smaller high technology companies, on the other hand, rarely have that luxury.

CES seeks to fill that void for the smaller high technology company. Compliance Engineering Services’ business model is to work with smaller high technology companies in the capacity of a staff compliance engineer.

Carl Newton can serve as your “virtual” staff Compliance Engineer. His goal is to get to know you, your staff, your products, and to work on your products with your staff on a personal level. He seeks long-term business relationships with his clients.

This will free your staff of the compliance engineering responsibility so that they can remain focused upon their primary function at your company, while at the same time enjoying the benefit of a professional compliance engineer with more than 30 years of specialized experience within that field.