What CES Can Do For You

CES’ services include, but are not limited to:

  • EMC Design and Testing; solutions down to PCB layout and component level
  • Safety\Regulatory Agency testing, submittals, and support to include safety design review and standard interpretation
  • Support for your Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing\Sales, and Customer Support groups

Smaller electronics companies typically have their EMC testing done at one of the large third party commercial testing laboratories. With their higher overhead, those laboratories must turn a high volume of business, charging top-dollar. They typically run two, and sometimes three shifts.  With that kind of demand they don’t have the luxury of providing their clients with the personal level of service that the large corporations enjoy with their full-time compliance engineering staff.

CES fills that void for the smaller electronics company.  Carl Newton will attend your product design reviews upon your request.  Electrical and mechanical designs are optimized for electromagnetic compatibility and product safety compliance at the earliest levels of design. In this way, products are far, far more likely to pass testing the first time. This leads to lower cost due to elimination\reduction of additional test cycles, fewer PCB passes, fewer prototypes, and fewer ECOs after release to manufacturing.  At the appropriate point(s) in your design cycle he will perform and\or manage the test program himself on behalf of your company.