Design Reviews: CES will review your design prior to prototype – This step will optimize the compliance of your design from the start so that any changes required for EMC and/or safety compliance are eliminated or minimized. This will reduce the required number of prototype passes as well as the length of your design cycle.
Testing: EMC Testing – CES can perform EMC testing at much lower cost than third-party test laboratories, and with much more flexibility. You won’t simply get a ‘pass or fail’ report. If your product fails EMI or Immunity tests then CES will find the most cost-effective solution – right down to component and/or PCB layout level.
Pre-compliance Testing – If you require or desire that your product be tested by a specific laboratory of your choice then CES offers pre-compliance EMC/safety testing upon your product prior to lab submital. CES will optionally serve as your agent to manage your entire test program for you and work with your laboratory and your staff. This includes optimizing the test plan, exercising software (where relevant), and test configuration. Large third-party labs typically have an hourly charge in minimum lots of 1/2 days, so optimizing these details will save you money.
Safety Standard Validation and Testing – CES can interpret relevant standards for design engineers and provide answers to questions regarding details such as spacings, components, plastics, openings, etc. Safety testing is also a service offered by CES and Safety Reports for a CE Marking technical file are an option. These reports are a much less expensive alternative when the safety report is needed only for the European Union CE Mark.  Temperature, electric strength, Limited Current Circuit or LPS analysis and testing are only examples of testing capabilities.
Other Design Validation – Carl Newton has vast experience in all aspects of design validation programs. This includes thermal analysis, temperature, humidity, mechanical shock and vibration testing. Carl is experienced with ASTM, IEC, ISA, ISO series of standards as well as MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 461.
Safety: Project Management – In addition to safety standard validation and testing, CES can serve as your agent to manage your product submittal to the safety agency of your choice. In doing so, CES will make sure that your safety file(s)/report(s) are optimized such that your purchasing departments’ options are maximized. If an agency engineer makes a demand that isn’t required by the safety specification then CES will argue that point in defense of your best interests. CES can also provide self-verification safety reports for many products that can be used as a less expensive alternative to safety reports issued by the large international laboratories.
Problem Resolution: Wherever product compliance issues may arise, CES can help your staff to resolve them. Examples are safety agency variation notices, process questions in manufacturing, or EMC and safety compliance questions from design engineers.
ECO Reviews: Review Product Changes – At your request, CES will review product ECO’s. Your staff can have confidence whether or not a change may affect your products’ compliance – whether EMC, safety, or any other aspect of product compliance.
Customer Support: CES will work with your applications as well as your sales and marketing staff to answer customer support questions. Does your product meet a particular standard, or parameter of that standard? Can you ship to a specific nation? If not, what is required to do so? If your customer has a problem related to compliance or product validation parameters then CES will work directly with your staff and that customer at your request to resolve that issue with your best interests in mind.
World-Wide Markets: CES can help your engineering, marketing, and sales staff understand what needs to be done to legally and efficiently ship your product into any nation in the world that is not barred by U.S law. Furthermore, as your ‘virtual staff compliance engineer’, Carl Newton will keep watch on the ever-changing product regulatory environment and keep your staff informed of upcoming changes that may affect your company.